Creativity: Letting Go of Expectations

(This is a guest post by Patricia Bidi, a Peruvian-born artist based in London:

When I let go of expectations, I enjoy the process. I know that if I trust the process, the inspiration will come. It happens not by seeking to make the outcome better, or by trying harder, but simply by working while being present and fully engaged. I relax, and let go.

I first experienced this many years ago, while I was doing my art foundation course. My tutor Sean told me to cut some shapes. I had no idea why I had to do this. I didn’t understand the point of doing all this cutting out with no purpose in sight. Sean insisted that I take the scissors and just start cutting.

So, after resisting Sean and the brief, I finally gave in. I let go of all my ideas about what I should do. I just flowed with it. I felt reticent at first but then I let go and allowed the creative process to take control. I was one with it. I did what I do when I meditate. I took a deep breath, looked at the paper and started playing with it. Not so long afterwards, a few cut-outs and shapes came together.

At some point I happened to slide one piece of paper into another, and to my surprise it looked like a bird, and then more birds appeared, out of nowhere, like magic when I put it all on the table. It all worked perfectly. It became three-dimensional and alive.

Letting go helps me to be productive and explore new possibilities. It also gives me a sense of wellbeing and fulfilment while creativity flows effortlessly.

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  1. David Fraser says:

    This guest post by Patricia is in a word:… well, take your pick; phenomenal / superb / outstanding!… an invigorating & inspiring read..

    Demonstrative of an extremely insightful holistic understanding of not just the creation / delivery of artwork, but the effective approach to undertaking any activity in this realm of existence that it is our privilege to experience.. starting from the realm within each of us, search and interrogate your being, seek the Harmony & Balance; carry this energy from within out with you daily as you engage with the external world and those you encounter.. then the positive, productive and constructive will find you, without your having to seek them out.

    Echoing the profoundly wise assertions of Ekhart Tolle, “relax, and let go”, (ie accept), ‘be present and fully engaged’… Amen Patricia! & thank you for the extremely welcome reminder..

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