Blissful awareness, even in the office

Maybe you’ve had the following experience. You’re standing on top of a mountain or a cliff overlooking the sea. The scene is so beautiful that your mind falls still, if only for a few moments. Then the mental chatter starts up again. “Should I take a photo?” “Who’s that person over there?” “This reminds me of the place I went to last year.” And so on.

Those few moments of stillness were pure consciousness, pure awareness, or whatever you want to call it. It seems to happen effortlessly. For many of us, it’s a feeling of bliss.

If you practise mindfulness or Transcendental Meditation (TM), you may have experienced pure consciousness many times. I learned TM in September 2002 and have been practising it ever since – twice a day on average. All I have to do is ‘think the mantra’ or ‘let the mantra come’ for a few seconds. Then I let go.

Over the last twelve-and-a-half years I have experienced many benefits: low blood pressure, almost no jet lag, and the ability to recover quickly whenever I feel tired. I have also felt more connected with other people and whatever is going on around me.

However, I also noticed that, while certain things were happening smoothly in my life, some other things weren’t. So I decided to dig deeper. When I looked around me, I realised that everyone has his or her particular set of patterns. Some of us struggle with our health continuously, some with relationships, some with their career or finances, or some combination of these. It isn’t random.

Then last August/September I spent three weeks on an ashram near Bangalore, India, on the Inner Awakening program run by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, known to his disciples and devotees as Swamiji. Just like Transcendental Meditation, his teachings come from the Vedas.

My reason for going was to learn Completion, a technique which helps to remove the patterns – or incompletions – from our lives. The more we remove the incompletions, the easier it is to fulfil our potential.

The Instant Completion technique comes from the twenty-second verse of the Vijnanan Bhairava Tantra, in which Shiva says:

“Look at your past, disidentified; let attention be at a place where you are seeing some past happening; and even your form having lost its present characteristics is transformed.”

Despite its ancient origins, completion is a simple technique which anyone can learn and practise daily. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and a mirror.

As I practised completion each day, I soon noticed that I was experiencing less and less worry or regret. There are still many things I want to do, but it’s become much easier to make them into reality. Completion is a key to manifesting.

I was also surprised to find that, within a few weeks, I started to experience blissful awareness when I wasn’t meditating. I first noticed it when I was walking across the park to the office. It even continued in the office when I was moving things around and talking to people.

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