Why Transcendental Meditation is good for business

I have practised TM for nearly 14 years. People sometimes ask, “Is it good for business?” The answer is a definite yes.

The word transcendental may sound exotic, but it simply means that we transcend – or go beyond – the ordinary state(s) of consciousness. Your teacher gives you a mantra that you hear over and over again in your mind. At some point you drop into another state of consciousness which is deeply restful. Sometimes there are no thoughts at all.

Here are some of the benefits that are relevant to business people:

  • TM reduces fatigue and improves concentration. If I feel mentally tired during the day, I only have to meditate for 20 minutes and I am fully alert and productive again. I can also meditate for a few minutes on a train, or even in reception before a business meeting. TM requires no special physical posture, so you can practise it anywhere.
  • TM removes most or all of the jet lag I used to experience. I practise TM repeatedly during long-haul flights. It provides deep rest, even when I can’t sleep. I have flown from London to Shanghai and from London to Los Angeles with little or no jet lag.
  • A lot of creativity occurs during TM. Even though we meditate with no goal in mind, creative ideas and solutions to problems appear spontaneously. My friend Thomas Drewry is an entrepreneur and occasional stand-up comedian. He says that, “solutions and creative ideas often manifest themselves during or after meditation. All it takes is to be ready for the download.”
  • TM can have significant health benefits. There are around 330 peer-reviewed studies of the biological and physiological effects of TM, and its benefits in many different conditions. One of the best-known books on the subject was written by my friend Dr Norman Rosenthal, a world-renowned psychiatrist and medical researcher. Norman describes how TM can be used to help people with high blood pressure, addiction, anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder and many other conditions: www.normanrosenthal.com.

You can find out more about Transcendental Meditation at www.tm.org. (I have no financial interest.) Please post any questions you have below. I will answer them, or point you towards someone else who can. If you already practise TM, it would be nice to read your experiences below.

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  1. Tara says:

    I have to agree with his benefits list. I too have been practicing TM for over 10 years and it is truly a life saver. Not just my mental health, but physically and creativity I have yet to find another relaxation tool or stress management technique that works like TM. Good stuff!

  2. John Purkiss says:

    Hello Tara. Thanks for your comment. What kind of creativity?

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